Bedtime Dolls for Biracial, Multicultural & Hispanic Children

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Soft and Cuddly Children's Dolls to take to bed

Cloth Rag doll for Biracial or Hispanic ChildrenIt seems like nothing's ever easy anymore...

You've been searching the stores every time you go out and just can't find the right doll for your child! Haven't the doll factories heard the news?
Where are all the Hispanic baby dolls?
The Biracial Baby Dolls? The multicultural Baby Dolls?
And then one day after church, you see your friend Maria's niece playing with the perfect doll... exactly what you wanted!
"Maria! Where did you get that doll?" you asked...

How do I choose from so many dolls?

Little Hailey Biracial or Hispanic Baby DollBy age! Lovey dolls should have interesting textures... until baby is six month old she doesn't see her world so much as she explores it by touch (including taste) so we want soft, simple dolls for her.

But give that lovey to a three year old, and she'll probably give it back!

So take a look at the sections below; we start with the baby's first dolls, then to the cuddly dolls for toddlers. 

PS: For a larger selection of Biracial, Hispanic or Multicultural Dolls ,
please visit our main doll store at The Pattycake Doll Co site. 

Soft and Cuddly - Crib safe dolls for Infants

SleepySoft Velour Multicultural Girl Lovey DollSleepySoft Velour Multicultural Girl Lovey Doll
BabySoft - Baby's First DollyBabySoft - Baby's First Dolly
A great crib-safe dolly for newborns

Soft Dolls for Toddlers and Young Children

'Nighty-Night' Soft Hispanic/ Biracial Girl Doll'Nighty-Night' Soft Hispanic/ Biracial Girl Doll
A soft and cuddly all cloth girl in her sleeper; perfect bedtime companion!
'Nighty-Night' Soft Biracial/Hispanic Boy Doll'Nighty-Night' Soft Biracial/Hispanic Boy Doll
In his PJ's and with Teddy in hand this cute and cuddly doll is ready to escort your son to bed!
Trendy Wendy (Learn to Dress)Trendy Wendy (Learn to Dress)
How about a doll soft enough to sleep with but with 'learn to dress' functions for when she gets up?
Raggedy Ann Ethnic Toddler DollRaggedy Ann Ethnic Toddler Doll
Biracial, Multicultural or Ethnic
Raggedy Ann Doll
Zoe's Owls - A Colorful Rag DollZoe's Owls - A Colorful Rag Doll
New Design
with an old-fashioned
homemade feel!
Lil'Totz Winter CuteLil'Totz Winter Cute
Extremely Cute!
Simply Willow a Waldorf Style DollSimply Willow a Waldorf Style Doll
Heirloom Quality at a Special Price!
Rosy Ballerina DollRosy Ballerina Doll
A Beautiful 18 Inch Ballerina Doll!
A Beautiful Mexican Doll for childrenToday's children glow in a rich multitude of multi-cultural colors. So for those of you who are looking for dolls that mirror this heritage, we welcome you to our selection of Multicultural, Biracial and Hispanic baby dolls!
Whether you need a Hispanic baby doll for a young Mexican-American child; a Cuban Latina baby doll in Miami, or a foster-to-adoption gift for a Puerto Rican child in New York City, you will find a beautiful selection of Hispanic and Latina baby dolls that you will feel good about giving!