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Soft & cuddly Black or African-American Dolls for your child

Nighty-Night, a black rag doll for childrenChild with her dollWow! That was fast! You only ordered this Black Baby Doll a couple of days ago and it's already come with today's mail!

You'd never heard of, but a friend at Church got a really cute doll for her little girl and was telling you about it.

You've seen what they have in the stores for your daughter and you're not impressed. You open the box... She's adorable! And priced right too!

PS: For our full selection of Black and African American Dolls
including Black Baby Dolls, Play dolls and 18" dolls for children of color,
please visit our main doll store at The Pattycake Doll Co site. 

How do I choose the right go-to-bed doll for my child?

Little Hailey African American Baby DollYou choose your soft and comforting Black or African American dolls by how old the child is that you are giving it to.

Black lovey dolls should have interesting textures... until baby is six month old she doesn't see her world so much as she explores it by touch (including taste) so we want soft, simple dolls for her.

But give that lovey to a three year old, and she'll probably give it back!

So take a look at the sections below:
we've sorted them by age for you to make your decision quick and easy!

Soft and Cuddly - Crib safe dolls for Infants

Coralee - A First Baby DollCoralee - A First Baby Doll
A Popular 1St Baby Doll
SleepySoft Velour 'Black Girl' Lovey DollSleepySoft Velour 'Black Girl' Lovey DollA soft and cuddly all cloth doll, safe and suitable for newborns.
SleepySoft Velour 'Black Boy' Lovey DollSleepySoft Velour 'Black Boy' Lovey Doll
Different textures to explore, bright eye catching colors, machine washable and crib safe!
A Soft and Gentle Lovey Doll - 'The Snowy Day'A Soft and Gentle Lovey Doll - 'The Snowy Day'
Perhaps, the most perfect gift - and our favorite 'Lovey'
Selena Satin Lovey DollSelena Satin Lovey Doll
Satiny Smooth Baby's First Doll and Lovey
Lil Hugs African American Baby DollLil Hugs African American Baby DollMay just be the perfect first doll we've ever carried! Safe from birth but will hold her interest well into her second year.
My First DollyMy First Dolly
Crib Safe Ethnic Doll

Soft Dolls for Toddlers and Young Children

Baby Bottoms Black Baby GirlBaby Bottoms Black Baby Girl
Creative Child magazine Seal of Excellence! Anatomically Correct, all cloth and machine washable!
Skye - Soft, Plush & Lovable!Skye - Soft, Plush & Lovable!
Unbelievably cute - she's really gonna love this one!
Baby Bottoms Black Baby BoyBaby Bottoms Black Baby BoyCreative Child magazine 2004 Seal of Excellence! Anatomically Correct, all cloth and machine washable! Safe at 24 months
Billy - African-American Boy DollBilly - African-American Boy Doll
StinkyKids™ African American Boy rag doll - but he doesn't stink!
Madame Alexander's 'My First Baby'Madame Alexander's 'My First Baby'
The cutest, the prettiest, the softest... 'My First baby' from Madame Alexander
'Nighty-Night' Soft Black Boy Doll'Nighty-Night' Soft Black Boy Doll
Your son will have a warm and welcoming friend to take to bed with Nighty-night!
Aimee - Cute, Cuddle & Carry Rag DollAimee - Cute, Cuddle & Carry Rag Doll
Cute & Cuddly!
One Love DollOne Love Doll
A Special Little Doll
One Love
Baby Stella Soft Cloth Ethnic Baby DollBaby Stella Soft Cloth Ethnic Baby Doll
Soft & Cuddly Biracial
or Ethnic Baby Doll
Lena So Cute! Printed Cloth DollLena So Cute! Printed Cloth Doll
A Cute Stylish Doll
Little girl with her Rosy Cheeks baby dollThere's a world of color out there; but our customers have told us of us how hard it is to find a good selection of these dolls.
SleepySoft is pleased to be able to offer you so many different black baby dolls for you to choose from. Whether it's an African American 'lovey' rag doll, safe and suitable for the newborn's crib, Madame Alexander's My First Baby - machine washable and lightweight for a toddler just learning to walk; the perfet doll for an Ethiopian Adoption or a Black Learn to Dress doll; a black dress up doll, or a multi-racial doll that acknowledges multiple cultures, we're confident that you will find the perfect doll for your child!
African American child with her doll purseIf we may be so brash... if you can't find the perfect Black baby doll for your baby in this selection... then you're not really looking!!
PS: For lighter complexions, please check the Hispanic dolls page for more selections.
From our customers:
I am the foster mother to an adorable 17 month old African American toddler. We are hoping to adopt him this summer. When he came to live with us, I ordered him your soft baby boy. It is so great! Also, we are hoping to be getting a baby girl soon who is also African American. I went to Walmart, Target, and Babies R Us and could not find an infant doll appropriate for her. They are all Caucasian! Grrr. From now on I will be getting my dolls off your site. I even posted it on our family blog so that my other friends who have adopted can check it out. Thank you for providing a much needed service to children of all skin colors!
Sincerely, Laurie Cuchens; Dallas, Texas
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