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How to help your baby go to sleep

 Simple, Healthy Routines & Associations
to help Your baby sleep

Here's how to create a bad sleep association:

A tired, cranky crying baby


If every night for the first three weeks home,

You rock your baby to sleep in your arms...

What do you think happens in the Fourth week when you stop?

Right... a lot of crying...  and a baby who won't sleep.

You've created a sleep pattern: "Mommy rocks me, I go to sleep."

Let's change that sleep pattern. Here are some simple ways to get your baby to sleep:

Sleep Aids for Infants

SleepySoft's Deluxe Children's SheepskinSleepySoft's Deluxe Children's Sheepskin
Sheepskin Luxury 'expanded...'
Gives some growing room!

Sleeping on Sheepskins

The strongest baby sleep association is the 'where.'

You've probably already discovered that when you try to get a baby to sleep in a strange place, she fusses.

So what we're going to do is to create a sleep association that says "I sleep on a sheepskin rug."


  • Because babies actually do sleep better on sheepskin rugs. The natural 'corkscrew' shape of the fibers provids a soft cushiony comfort.
  • Warmer in the winter. Those sheepskin fibers weave together to create insulating pockets that retain your baby's body warmth.
  • Cooler in the summer. Naural sheep's wool absorbs tons of excess moisture, 'wicking' it away from your baby and helping keep baby cooler.
  • Sheepskins are portable. It's hard to get babies to sleep in a strange place. She knows it's different and that scares her. But put her on her sheepskin and that association kicks in: 'I sleep on a sheepskin!'

White Noise Machines to help Children Sleep

About White Noise Sound Machines for Babies

Our Premium Baby's White Noise Sound MachineHave you ever tried the old 'take the baby over to the washer-dryer trick?'
Then you already understand the concept behind a white noise sound machine for your baby! 

There's only one problem with that though; washer-dryers are kind of hard to drag around! (And hair dryers are too noisy as far as we're concerned!)

So here are The Five Best Reasons to use White Noise for Baby:

1: The womb was noisy! - so babies aren't used to sleeping when it's quiet! White noise sound machines with their soothing regular patterns fill the silence with 'non-startling' noise. 
2: White noise helps mask the household sounds that might distract an otherwise sleepy child, 
3: You can use white noise sound machines to create sleep associations: For example, "When I hear the whales singing, it means time to go to sleep."
4: You can create more than one association. 'Whalesong' for his afternoon nap, 'Gentle Rain' for the evening.
5: Baby sound machine timers, voice recording (Back to Sleep Bear only) and other features help with separation anxiety.
Bonus reason: They're more portable than a washer-dryer! ☺ 

A Message to our Customers from Addie L

Hi there!

Peter and I had two children, and our firstborn who slept through the night right away. We were thoroughly spoiled and completely unprepared for our second child, who didn't ! So yes, we've been there, done that, own the tee shirt and the bumper sticker. 

We also know that there are a gazillion pages of tips and sleep experts on the web. That's a good thing, because the more sites that you find that say the same thing, the more comfortable you will be with picking our solutions for your baby. 

A baby resting on a sheepskin

Because really, all those sites and experts do agree. You need your sleep, your children need their sleep, and the safest, easiest way to accomplish that is to establish routines and associations. They need to go to bed at the same time every day (including weekends!) There should be a routine... a goodnight story, some songs, some cuddle time... something that starts the "I'm going to bed now routine."

These are not 'medical' solutions... they are simple, inexpensive, time tested children's sleep aids that work. 

How do we know? Because they worked for us; they've worked for thousands of our customers, and they will work for you too.