Healing Warmth and Soothing Coolness

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The benefits of gentle, soothing & healing warmth

children's heating pad, bed warmer and warm cuddle
The ladies in the office put their microwavable heating pads in the coffee room microwave, and then just about fall asleep at their desks!

Here's our kid's version - microwavable heating pads for children.

Moms know the benefits of gentle, healing heat, especially as a baby colic cure! But used as a bed warmer? Microwave heating pads are phenomenal!

Children's Heating Pads, Bed Warmers & Cold Packs

Lorelei Lamb - Girl's Heating PadLorelei Lamb - Girl's Heating Pad
'Betwixt & Between'
Kids Heating Pad and
Soft Plush Cuddle Toy
Leopard Heating Pad & Bed WarmerLeopard Heating Pad & Bed Warmer
Because 'Mr Macho' won't use your little pink bunny ☺
Snuggle Bunny - Heating Pad & Bed WarmerSnuggle Bunny - Heating Pad & Bed Warmer
Let's spoil your little princess, shall we?
Colorful Clowny - Heating Pad (and bedwarmer)Colorful Clowny - Heating Pad (and bedwarmer)
Warm the bed, warm the belly, warm the heart!
Toasty Blue - Children's Heating PadToasty Blue - Children's Heating Pad
You're not still using heating pads with electric cords are you?
Horse Microwavable Warm Pad for ChildrenHorse Microwavable Warm Pad for Children
A Child's Dream of a Horse!
Hedgehog Microwavable Warm Pad for ChildrenHedgehog Microwavable Warm Pad for Children
Soft Hedgehog!?!
Bunty Bunny Children's Microwavable Socky Dolls™Bunty Bunny Children's Microwavable Socky Dolls™
Soft & Cute!
Bandito the Bandit -  heating padBandito the Bandit - heating pad
A Macho Heating Pad
(well sort of)

The safer alternative to Hot Water or Electric Cords

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No leaking red rubber hot water bottles; no electric cords in kid's beds

PS: Our heating pads offer all the benefits of aromatherapy, and can be frozen and used to reduce the swelling of your children's boo-boo's and bug-bites!
And there's nothing like slipping between the sheets of a wonderfully warm bed!

One product to soothe them all

Relaxing warmth from the Microwave:
To warm their bed in Winter
To soothe sore muscles
For Children's Charley Horse
Gentle Aromatherapy

Refreshing Coolness from the Freezer:
On Itchy Bug Bites
To cool their bed in Summer
To Help Reduce Fevers

The Best Heating Pads for a Colicky Baby (they're flat)

Baby Colic Warm WrapBaby Colic Warm Wrap
Soothe baby's belly and ease their pain
Beetle in The Garden Heating Pad for ColicBeetle in The Garden Heating Pad for Colic
A perfect heating pad for a boy or girl

Children's Hand Warmers

Piggy in their Pocket - Children's HandwarmersPiggy in their Pocket - Children's Handwarmers
Your kids will love a 'Piggy in their Pocket!"
The Nice Mice - Aromatic Warm/Cool TherapyThe Nice Mice - Aromatic Warm/Cool Therapy
One for each hand when waiting at the bus stop is just one use for the 'Nice Mice'

FAQ's about our Children's Heating Pads

  • The core of these microwave heating pads are grains like flax seed; it's what holds the heat. Warms the bed, calms the gas and bloating of a colicky belly, or relaxes the sore muscles and charley-horse from your children's active play.
  • These heating pads are also contain the most wonderful herbal fragrances - from lavender and thyme, peppermint and rose buds, to hyssop and eucalyptus, lemon balm, rosemary and orange peel. Soft soothing scents to calm the child. Aromatherapy is a well documented method of reducing anxiety (fear of monsters under the bed?) and just plain makes everyone feel better.
  • Most of our products are filled and sealed with American grown herbs and seeds (FDA approved Food Grade, by the way) here in the states.

More FAQ's about our microwavable heating pads

  • Everyone we know has one of those electric heating pads somewhere in the house; Or worse yet, one of those old fashioned, red rubber leaky hot water bottles...   And why is that? Because everybody knows that heat heals!
  • Organic baby's microwavable heating padAll of these microwavable heating packs can be frozen and used as ice-packs! Two hours in the freezer and you have a soft ice pack that reduces the swelling of kid's sports injuries, sprains and bug bites.
  • As bed warmers they'll keep their warmth for about 30 minutes, a little longer if they're placed in the bed under the covers. You can reheat them for about 10 seconds when needed.
  • When the herb and seed filled heating pads are new, they will naturally feel a little moist when first taken out of the microwave, after repeated use, the herbs will tend to dry out, and the fragrances will fade some. It takes about a year on average.
  • Addie and I really, really want to emphasize that since everyone's microwave is different,  you must be careful to do some practice runs to make sure you don't get these microwavable heating pads too hot... and NEVER let your children heat them up unsupervised.