Bedtime Dolls for Asian Children

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Soft & Cuddly Asian Baby Dolls to take to bed

A cute Asian baby doll for children
The box from came in the mail today.

You had the Asian baby doll sent to the office --
you wanted to look this doll over before you gave it to your daughter...
You open the box, your co-workers gathered around...
Oh my goodness! She's adorable!

It's not Necessary, it's just nice...

You could take a tennis ball, plop it on a stick, draw a face on it with magic marker, and your child would love it... because you gave it to them.

'Sweet Little Baby' an Asian baby Doll for children ages 2 and upBut it's not about loving a doll, it's about going to bed without a fight, and sleeping well all night. So we want to concentrate here on dolls that they will associate with bedtime, that help with separation anxiety, that are soft and cuddly.

And of course it's not necessary that they be Asian baby dolls, but... it's nice that we can, isn't it?

Crib Safe Dolls and Loveys for Asian Children

SleepySoft Velour  'Asian Girl' Lovey DollSleepySoft Velour 'Asian Girl' Lovey Doll
A soft and cuddly all cloth Asian lovey with three soft textures for her fingers to explore
SleepySoft Velour 'Asian Boy' LoveySleepySoft Velour 'Asian Boy' Lovey
Bright eye catching colors, different textures to explore, machine washable and crib safe!
Lil Hugs Asian Baby DollLil Hugs Asian Baby Doll
Baby's 1st Doll Design Perfection!

Bedtime dolls for toddlers and Young Children

Sweet Little Baby - Asian Baby DollSweet Little Baby - Asian Baby Doll
Sweet Little Baby - Ready for bed 
Hannah - The absolutely adorable soft Asian Rag DollHannah - The absolutely adorable soft Asian Rag Doll
Hannah the Asian rag doll who will go from friend to favorite to forever memory!
Trey - a soft Asian-American Boy DollTrey - a soft Asian-American Boy Doll
One of the very few cloth Asian Boy dolls on the market!
Baby Bottoms Asian Baby GirlBaby Bottoms Asian Baby Girl
Toy Industry Award Winner, a classic all cloth soft Asian girl doll
'Nighty-Night' Soft Asian Girl Doll'Nighty-Night' Soft Asian Girl Doll
A soft and cuddly all cloth Asian girl in her sleeper; perfect bedtime companion!
Calin Yang by CorolleCalin Yang by Corolle
Specially designed and safe for little girls age 18+ months, a beautiful first play doll for toddlers.

Tiny Baby Asian Girl Doll from The dolls on this page are just our soft and cuddly 'Bedtime' Asian Dolls.

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From soft cloth for infants to toddler's realistic Asian play dolls

You'll find different kinds of Asian dolls here: from soft, all cloth "rag" style Asian dolls to mixed cloth and vinyl dolls soft Asian baby dolls. 

But "Asian baby dolls" covers a lot of ground, doesn't it? All of our dolls have Asian features that are generic enough to offer as Chinese baby dolls, Japanese baby dolls, Korean baby dolls, Vietnamese baby dolls etc., and although there are national and cultural differences that are identifiable by adults, your children will love getting any of these Asian baby dolls!

Calin Yang

I wanted to thank you for the perfect doll for our new daughter from China. We have a doll cradle that has been in the family since 1905, so we wanted the perfect doll to put in it. I looked at many websites and none were as sweet as your Calin Yang. When she arrived in the mail she was even cuter than the picture. I know our daughter will have many wonderful hours playing with her. And I know it will be special to her the first time she sees her room to have a doll that looks just like her. Sincerely, Lori Reitnauer

Don't forget! March 3rd is Doll's Day, a traditional Asian Holiday for Girls!