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Here's what happens when you put your child to bed:

  • They've been around people all day, now they have to be alone.
  • Not only are they alone, but they are in the dark.
  • And when they are tired, and alone, that's when the monsters come out. So they are a little scared too.
  • All of this leads to what is called: 'Separation Anxiety.'
  • And of course in some cases there's just poor 'going to bed' habits... no set time, no regular pattern, no set routine.
Believe it or not, this simple solution of giving them a doll to take to bed... works!
Simple, safe and effective.

Which of these best meets your needs? Click-here for:

Sleep Solution: 'My Baby May Have Colic!'

Moms know that gentle warming heat for the belly, soothing sounds for the nursery and baby aromatherapy may help a colicky baby.

Sleep Solution: 'My Baby Won't Sleep!'

She won't sleep when she's not in her own crib...
We're having trouble getting sleep time routines established...

or... we already know that we want a SleepySoft Baby's Sheepskin... please take me there!

Heating Pads and Cold Packs for Kids, Colic & Pregnancy

Microwavable Heating Pads for Colic, Heating Pads for Pregnancy, Heating Pads for Kids plus Handwarmers and Bed Warmers
(All of these seed or rice heating pads can also be frozen to make Children's Cold packs
Children's Microwavable Heating Pads 

Sleep Solution: Bedtime Dolls for Black Children

We're looking for Soft Black Rag Dolls or African American Baby Dolls for our children to carry, cuddle and take to bed.

Sleep Solution: Bedtime Dolls for Asian Children

We're looking for Asian baby dolls for our children to carry, cuddle and take to bed.

Sleep Solution: Bedtime Dolls for Multicultural Children

We couldn't find any Biracial, Multicultural or Hispanic baby dolls in our local stores...
We'd like our children to have a doll that resembles them to take to bed!

Sleep Solution: Storybook Dolls

Bedtime Routines: Do the same things at the same time every day - your kids sleep better and are healthier.

A great routine? A warm bedtime bath followed by a cuddly bedtime story!

Sleep Solution: Dolls for Boys to take to bed.

Teddy Bears are OK for Boys, but do you have anything better? 

 Dinosaurs, Monsters and Boy's Dolls

Still the best way to deal with Separation Anxiety!

  • For separation anxiety we give them soft cloth dolls that they can play with during the day, and then take to bed. 
  • These soft and cuddly rag dolls also help them overcome fear of the dark.
  • Simply willow, a Waldorf style Soft Cloth DollIt's your job to get them to bed at the same time every night; a good way to establish a routine is with bedtime stories. And we have over two dozen soft plush story-book dolls to get you started.
  • We also have safe, effective natural sleep aids for children - from sheepskin rugs, to children's white noise machines, to bed warmers and children's heating pads. 
For over 10 years we've been your Children's Sleep Experts, and we're here to help you.

Will the Lovey you buy last 25 years?

A pair of beloved rag dolls, over fifty years old!
Do you still have your old lovey?
More importantly... if you don't, do you wish you did?

Before you came to our site, you were just looking for a doll. 
But now that you're here, let us tell you... the right doll at the right time creates a lifetime memory...  and if you are the person who gave that soft cloth doll, you will be part of that memory too.

Dolls for all ages - Infants, toddlers and children

You're lucky if your local toy stores carry any Asian baby dolls, Hispanic baby dolls, or even a half decent selection of African American baby dolls.
And even if they do, it's rare that they carry a broad enough selection to cover all ages from Newborns to Toddlers.
That is why we created; to offer the families of newly adopted children Asian Dolls, Hispanic dolls and African American dolls for your baby!
Now they can have a doll with a "face just like theirs!"