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Easy and Effective: the No Fighting, No Crying
'Time-to-Go-to-Bed' Methods that Work!

The Simple Solution: 'Same Way - Every Day!'

    So, it’s time to go to bed. All of a sudden your child gets whiny, teary... doesn’t want to go. 

    So how do you handle it? Easy...

    All you need is a ‘Good-Night’ routine, something you can do the Same Way - Every Day.’

    Here are a few examples:

    • The most common, and the most effective, is the soft and comfy doll, lovey or cozy to cuddle with.

    • A warm bath and gentle drying.

    • Good-night prayers.

    • Going around the house giving everyone a 'good-night kiss'

    • Winding up a music box or musical crib toy.

      • Sharing a bed time story book.

      • Warm and cozy up their bed with a kid's bed warmer.
      Simple, safe and effective solutions. 

      Which of these best meets your needs? Click-here for:

      Sleep Solution: Bedtime Dolls for Asian Children

      We're looking for Asian baby dolls for our children to carry, cuddle and take to bed.

      Sleep Solution: Bedtime Dolls for Black Children

      We're looking for Soft Black Rag Dolls or African American Baby Dolls for our children to carry, cuddle and take to bed.

      Sleep Solution: Bedtime Dolls for Boys

      We're looking for boy dolls or soft plush toys that my son will like

      Boy Dolls and Dolls for Boys

      Sleep Solution: Bedtime Dolls for Multicultural Children

      We're looking for  Biracial, Multicultural or Hispanic baby dolls for our children to carry, cuddle and take to bed!

      Why do your children resist going to bed?

      • First of all they don't know it's time to go to bed. (toddlers can't tell time until about the 3rd grade.)
      • They've been around people all day, now they have to be alone.
      • Not only are they alone, but they are in the dark.
      • And when they are tired, and alone, that's when the monsters come out. So they are a little scared too.
      • All of this leads to what is called: 'Separation Anxiety.'
      • And of course in some cases there's just poor 'going to bed' habits... no set time, no regular pattern, no set routine.

      Bathtub Dolls, Dolls in their PJ's, Dolls that say Prayers

      Bedtime Routines: Doing the same things at the same time every day - your kids sleep better and are healthier.

      Bedtime Routine: Getting into their pajamas and saying their prayers
      Click here for Dolls in their Pajamas and Dolls that say their Prayers

      Sleep Solution: Security Blankets, Cozies and Lovey Dolls

      I want a unique new baby gift that is also useful, but it must be crib safe and for a newborn. 

       Crib Safe Dolls, Loveys, Cozies and Security Blankets.

      Children's Heating Pads & Bed Warmers

      So useful! Gentle soothing heating pads to warm a child's bed or soothe sore muscles, even help ease mommy's sciaitica; many with sweet and soothing fragrances.

      PS: All of our cherry stone and grain filled heating pads can be put in the freezer to be used as a cold pack to also cool a bed or soothe bug bites.

      Click here for: Children's Microwavable Heating Pads

      Sleep Solution: Help! 'My Baby Has Colic!'

      Moms know that gentle warming heat for the belly helps move the gas and ease the pain for  a colicky baby.

      Click here to look at colic heating pads

      Sleep Solution: Baby's Sheepskin Rugs

      She won't sleep when she's not in her own crib...
      We're having trouble getting sleep time routines established...


      We came here for a SleepySoft Baby's Sheepskin... please take us there!

      Dolls for all ages - Infants, toddlers and children

      You're lucky if your local toy stores carry any Asian baby dolls, Hispanic baby dolls, or even a half decent selection of African American baby dolls.
      And even if they do, it's rare that they carry a broad enough selection to cover all ages from Newborns to Toddlers.
      That is why we created; to offer the families of newly adopted children Asian Dolls, Hispanic dolls and African American dolls for your baby!
      Now they can have a doll with a "face just like theirs!"